Thursday, February 18, 2010

20 lucky 7

Mood : Excited and thoughtful

Another year of getting older. How time passes me by so quickly and after so many experiences I've gone through to step on another year of being older; 27 years old. Old enough to be mature? Old enough to make every decision for myself? Old enough to judge? Old enough to do whatever I want to do?

I've started on a rough track at my early 26. I went through quite an emotional and stressful days. Being rejected, being fooled around, fights, arguments and dramas. I even made quite a number of mistakes before what I have become now. Well, we learn through the thick and thin, right? Being 26 at that moment doesn't make me think any wiser. I am still 21 on the inside. I've socialized my ass of, going to most of the parties around town, I've got hooked and got crooked and to cut it short, Ive had quite a miserable year of my life.

As months by months gone, I've started to loosen up a bit. I hardly went to those parties, I've been avoiding dramas and craps. As a result, I survived. I find myself in a luckier position day after day lately. Despite all those stressful days of work, everything seems to be smooth.

Few months back and until now, I am attached to a well known company as an human resources officer. The job is quite tiring, but the pays me well; well enough to get myself a new car. Never for once I felt that a job could teach me so may things as this particular one does. Seriously, you need to be in it to understand how I feels like. No question, it is quite tiring and stressful. But I've learned so many things since I worked here.

Currently I am still staying with my very own small family. The eight of us (my mom, dad, sister and her husband, brother, my nephew, my niece and me) still in under one roof. Soon to become another nephew or niece and it would be another happy moment of my life. We might hardly talk to each other everyday (since we all have been so busy with our own stuff), but we'll catch up whenever we can. I finally making my mom much more happier after those years of being a black sheep of the family. Well, after all that we've been through, seeing a mother's smile and knowing that she is proud of you is the most thoughtful moment of my life.

Few months back, I finally found someone that I've been looking for. Never for once I thought that I could be in a position that I feel such comfortable. It is as if having him and knowing that he is with me, it makes me feel so complete. Now I really know what love supposed to mean. Maybe I hardly define it in any word. But this feeling I feels each and everyday, its just so right as if there is nothing you could as for anymore. He thought me to be the person as I am now, his patience really flatter me, he gave me a lot that makes no prefect thank you that can be say, his passionate towards our relationship just melts me everytime he said that he loves me. When I had a second to think, all I can think about is his love. When I had a reason to smile, it is always him that put the smile on me. At that very moment, I realized that I am deeply in love with him.

Friends come and go. But since the past few years, this group of friends that I have really stick until now. There were a few arguments, dramas and complication. But friends just don't let other friends down, right? There is always a way for us to make it up to each other. So I kind of feel lucky to have these group of wonderful friends around me. Our differences just make us feel so much closer to each other. We learned and we shared from each other a lot. That's what BFF supposed to be.

Well, there are still so many things I wish to achieve in this life. There are still so many things I have to learn. The only way to find out is to face it by myself with the help of those people who I just can't live without. In this life, there are no such thing as living it all alone or by yourself. News flash, we always need someone to guide us, to help us or to at least share. Happiness is something you can achieve when you have the patience to create it. It is like a painting that you can put a wonderful color in it. As long as u have passion, everything just possible. I've learned my lesson and now I am ready to go through this journey of being 27 years old guy with a good job, a happy family, a loving boyfriend and a wonderful group of friends. What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tik tok tik tok

Mood: Afraid

The time is tick-tocking. A few hours left until another year of growing older. Personally, memang aku ada perasaan takut. To define takut itu sangat subjective which I can only feel but I can explain it in any manner. Rasa macam time passes by so quickly. And as always, I haven't prepare to be another year older. Wish that I could make the clock stop ticking. But it would be a full stop of my life pula. So I decided to just let it pass me by and see how it goes.

This year, aku tak post any wishlist. Why? Because I can't see any point of doing it sebab I never get what I've wished for pun. But a few early presents dah pun selamat aku terima. I really appreciate it. Well, you know how much I love presents. LOL. Who doesn't?

Resolutions, masih banyak yang kena update and carry forward. Some of it aku rasa aku dah pun go through it with a success. Cuma a few things lagi kena keep track until I full fill my who new resolutions. Whatever it is, I just hope this new number will bring me more luck and so much happiness ahead. AMIN...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mood: Tired

Lately ni masih busy with works. Baru a few days balik from Kelantan, then I have to go to Perak for the recruitment activities. Penat dia memang tak dapat di gambarkan. But I still try to manage time to have a life of my own. Cuma ia terlalu limited. Kerja, kerja and kerja. Kadang-kadang rasa macam tak cukup masa and tak cukup tenaga to do all those stuff according to the dateline given. But so far, it was ok. Cuma penat tu tak dapat di cover dengan rest yang sangat terhad. But what can I do. I am attached to it.

Masa untuk family memang la kurang. I can only meet my parents masa cut off from Kelantan before I went to Perak. Ni pula bila dah balik from Perak for 2 days rest, my mum pula traveled to Jakarta. I miss her a lot. Cuma tak ada masa to spent for her lately.

My sayang pula busy with studies kat sana. I understand and cuba untuk terima those lacking of attention. And on my part juga, aku terpaksa abaikan dia for a few days sebab busy denga kerja ni. But I've been trying my best to communicate with him when I have the time. So far, it seems okay. I really hope he'll understand as much as I understand his studies.

Masa dengan kawan-kawan pun semakin banyak berkurangan. Even some of them complained yang I've been working my ass hard sampai tak ada masa even for tea with them. I can only nodded and smile. Nak jawap pun rasa tak larat to explain on why.

But, I just do what I have to do. Maybe its time for me to concentrate on something that leads me to a brighter future. Cuma I am getting used to it and try to adapt in this kind of situation. Maybe in the near future, I can really manage to do those works and still have a life.