Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life so far

Mood: Happy & Missing

Well, dah lama since I haven't update my blog. Weeks and weeks passes by so quickly. I have been so busy lately with workloads and out-stations. Its tiring, but I am surviving. At least I have better things to do rather then thinking or doing those crappy stuff.

Currently, I've been so busy dengan kerja that requires me to go around Perak for the recruitment activities. I've been given this trust to handle this task from superior and its a big thing for me. So I really have to make the best of it, and hopefully it will turn out with a good results. I am crossing my fingers on this one.

My love life pun is getting better. Yes, sometimes memang kena ada those arguements and stuff. But luckily, love takes over and everything just go well. Right about now, I have to get used to our distance since dia dah started masuk belajar balik. I must admit that I miss him a lot, but for future sake, kita just kena go through it with passion and trust. So far, there is no trust issue since we trust each other a lot. Maybe this time semua seems so smooth because we passionate about what we do and passionate about us. I know, 2 months is still too early to tell everything. But when I am with him, 2 months just seemed like 2 years. We both just can't get enough of each other. Isn't that a good sign or what? LOL

My friends are doing just fine too. Semua happy with their life, new love life, works and stuff. Maybe this new year brings out the best in everyone's life; hopefully. Kami still get together once in a while just to catch up what we have missed and share those happiness. It was fun and very memorable. For some people, they might not even understand what it is. But we know, what we know. LOL

Me and my family is doing just fine. We just found out that my sister is pregnant. I am so happy about it. So another niece or nephew? That is still a question mark. But what ever the gender is, I just really can't wait. I love kids. And since Iddin and Ilhan pun dah semakin besar, the bonding between us pun dah a bit different. But I'll always love them. :-)

So, life so far going quite well. Hopefully, it will always go well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Mood: Swing

Another year has passed by so quickly. It seems like so many things I've wished for that I haven't achieve. But there were some of them that I have made it through. So many memories, so many ups and downs, so many dramas, lost and found, new and old; its just another year of living in my own little world.

Last year, I got a new job that pays me quite well. It might be far from home, but it really worth a travel (except for those hectic traffic). My new colleagues have been so nice to me. We helped each other a lot. It might be a tiring job with lots of out-station and all. But I am surviving until now.

Last year, I found someone who really touched me the most. Someone who loves me for me and always want to be with me. There is no where I would rather be then by his side. We shared our ups and downs and we still can go through what ever tough times we faced within these period of being together. I am so lucky, out of the blues I finally found someone who I really want to love with all my heart. And never for once I found someone who is so passionate and so romantic as he is. That was a definite check on my last year's resolutions.

Last year, there were arguments among of our friends. But we survived since the friendship is much more stronger than anything. Problems can always be solve when we put our ego aside. Why should we waste a friendship we have built for so many years over a stupid arguments? It was just not worth it. Luckily, I still have them to call a friend, to call a good friend and to call a best friend.

Last year, there were so many laugh of joy and tears of sadness. I am a normal human, so I can't escape of having an emotion. I might loose something or someone. But I gained much more than that after all. Well, things just happened the way it should be and for its own reasons. I don't regret. At least, it making a stronger person.

So I passed last year with so many memories. This year, totally no clue. Whatever it is, I am looking forward on much more happiness, much more achievements, much more things to smile and laugh about. I am hoping to gain much more experiences and having blast in life full of blessing. I am wishing for a wonderful life as a son, a brother, an uncle, an employee, a best friend, a friend and a lover to them who really means a lot to me. Thank you for still being here.