Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not well

Mood: Monotonous

I am not feeling well. I am sick. I am sleepless. I am not in the mood for anything today. Few things really bothering me and sadly, I can't stop thinking about it. Its not anybody's fault. It is my fault. My own personal problem. It is not them or who ever they are. It is just me who being a total pathetic. It is not about what they have done. It is about me who making a total mess. I am doom and I have no idea of what I should really do or what is not to do.

Aku rasa dah banyak menyusahkan, dah banyak menyakitkan and dah banyak buat kesilapan. Sampaikan aku rasa as if dah sampai masa for me to quit creating problems. But how? Bukan niat aku nak things to be turned out this way. Of course I don't want to harm anyone, not even myself. Tapi things just happened bukan atas kehendak and kerelaan aku sendiri.

What is going on with me? Aku pening and its killing my mood.
I am really sorry