Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Initial Tees

Mood: Creative & Happy

I am trying to be creative here (LOL), but kinda running out of idea. So here it goes; self painted tees for him and myself as a token of my appreciation for everything he have done and for always being there for me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Mood: Happy & Touched

My sayang have been so sweet today. First he surprised me with his self-made cupcakes that look so cute and taste so good. I appreciate his efforts a lot by doing thing he never has done before; like baking me a cupcakes.

Then we went to e@Curve to watch the premiere of Twilight: New Moon which he got the tickets for us. Its a great movie I have to say. Unfortunately, I missed the first one. So I might be missing things throughout the movie. And yea, before that he bought me some stuff from Ikea to decorate my room (our room) with. Its lovely.

He is just so sweet. I know this might sounded 'jiwang' kinda entry. But whatever it is, today is just another day full of sweetness that he brought me. I am so happy and touched. I am out of words to define how happy I am right about now. I just never can explain it in any term.
But I seriously appreciate all of the things he have done.

p/s: Thank you sayang. :-)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Beginning

Mood: Happy

Today, is another beginning of a new journey. I am so happy that finally a dream came true. We are together now and the rest is up to fate to decide whats the best for us. There are so many thing we are going to go through in the future. But I really do hope that we are going to make the best out of everything. I am trying my best to be the perfect one for him. I will try my very best to make him happy. Because to me, this is a blessing that awarded to me and I will do my very best to keep it worth.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Butterflies coming

Mood: Happy & Angau

I've been making myself busy these days to avoid from doing those stupid thinking. I've been trying so hard to avoid from so many mislead feelings these days where in the end I know I'll be the one who get hurt. I even hardly update my blog lately so I won't have to share another depressing stories. But today, things were different.

Today, a miracle finally done its job for me. After a few months of falling for what he wrote on his blog, after a few months of stalking through his online profile, I finally got the chance to get to know him quite well.

It might seemed so good to be true. But at least I am not dreaming. He is just so honest and so sincere. What ever words that came out from his mouth just seems so right and so adorable. I melted. Was it dejavu or just cliche? But I can never take this moment for granted. I wrote on this blog so I can treasure this moment as long as this still exist.

Who knows some wishes actually becoming true. I am feeling good about this. But it's just me and I don't know about him. Who knows if the miracle just worth awhile. After knowing that I am not that interesting enough, he might just run away or leave just like everyone else did. Who knows that this one could just be the one that I am really looking for. It gives me butterflies when ever I talked with him. Who knows if its just another stop by. Which I really hope its not.
I still can't stop smiling and I wish I could just keep this particular dream to make it last.

"Something good will come our way
And maybe this good thing's gonna happen today"
- Something Good by Bic Runga