Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Behind Every Successfulness

"Every successful men, there is always a women behind it".

I guess I have to agree on that phrase precisely. Well, in some cases it might be different or the other way around. Let's just say that, in every successful person, there is always another person behind it.

Take Chuck Bass for example. Blair Waldorf always stands behind him no matter what. They seem to work a lot of things together; with or without approval, the right or the wrong way. Its easier to pursue or should I say manipulate when a backup is always there to lend a hand.

Okay, enough of the Gossip Girl fiesta. There are a lot more examples here and there where this phrase is truly an undeniable fact. I don't want to go into politics. But as you can see, behind those successful politicians, there are always a women behind them to support and to lend a hand or at least to even be a wall to lean on, a person who they'd go to after the good and the rough days.

The truth is, people always need someone to back them up. To tell them go ahead or to warn them not to. To be the pusher and the puller. To be the one who getting them back into reality or to make them see things on the different point of view. It might seem another person is doing a better job being an advisor. But on certain cases, that advisor is indeed to reconfirm of the actions. The negative or positive thinker. It doesn't matter who fits in to who's brain, the result of the successfulness always come hand in hand.

So I might not be successful enough; perhaps not just yet. But I would like to take this opportunity to say my endless gratitude for those who always stands behind me, or side by side throughout these days. They have been such a great and wonderful group of people that I really can count on the most. I am so bless and thankful for that.

So lets just say two is better than one. Or perhaps, the more the merrier.