Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who the HELL are you?

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1. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan sex orientation aku?
  • Perihal tentang manusia homophobia yang terlalu mendiskriminasikan kewujudan manusia seperti kami. You don't have to be one of us or you don't even have to accept us. But please do not judge us and trying to shit on us when you are strictly scripted dengan cara kamu sendiri. This is an open world we are talking about. Salah atau tidak, it doesn't even effect you until you have to discriminate us. The least you can do is to ignore and minding your own life yang masih tak perfect itu. Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
2. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan pilihan aku?
  • I believe as a human being aku ada rights untuk buat pilihan. Either pilihan yang aku buat tu bagus atau tidak, terpulang pada aku untuk menghadapinya. I don't get it when people keep telling me not to do this and that when they know that they don't even have anything to do with my decisions. Pros and cons pasti ada dalam setiap keputusan. Then, leave it up to me to decide and rasa akan kesannya. Life is about taking risk. Apa guna jadi manusia when you want something but you don't dare to make the choice. I am not a coward like you. Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
3. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan pemakaian aku?
  • I am not a total fashionista. Tapi aku juga bukan out of fashion freak. I still have those knowledge in fashion; believe it or not. Aku sendiri aware dengan apa yang aku pakai. What you wear, is how you represent yourself. Baik or buruk di mata kau, doesn't make any differences in me. I am still me. Tak perlu rasanya I have to please everyone's eyes when clearly setiap manusia ada diferences and fashion sense masing-masing. Come on! You are not even a fashion police. Kau masih fashion victim yang kononnya 'in' when sebenarnya kau masih lagi pakai colored glassless frame and colored skinny. Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
4. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan minat aku?
  • Semua manusia ada hobby masing-masing. Well, kadang-kadang, ada persamaan dengan individu yang lain. I love writing and listening to music. Kau tak perlu rasa itu cliche atau boring sebab itu interest aku. I do learned and love photography but I don't consider as 'cam-whore'. Perlukah aku ubah minat aku just untuk follow the trend sedangkan kau yang stated "into photography" tapi masih blur about aperture, shutter speed and depth of field. Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
5. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan life aku?
  • Perhaps apa yang aku buat tak menyusahkan mereka yang tak berkenaan. And I believed that this life was not that complicated after all. Cuma kadang-kadang drama just came along the way bila ada human macam kau yang invade my life without invitation. So kenapa nak buat bad assumptions about me sedangkan kau masih in the search of 'who you are'. So, golongan ni tak perlu judge aku.
6. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan minat aku tentang music?
  • Aku punya minat dalam pelbagai genre music. I don't think it is neccessery for me to list down each and every single of it. Aku refused untuk specify music yang aku dengar just untuk descibe aku dalam kumpulan yang mana. Gosh! I am not groupies. I listens to music almost every hour. And beribu-ribu lagu dalam mp3 folder yang aku arrange according to bands/artists name in alphabetical orders dan tak semuanya dispesifikasikan pada 1 or 2 jenis genre music. I love music, so why do I care about choosing the one and only music untuk define siapa aku macam kau yang kononnya budak 'indie' yang don't even know how to play guitar. Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
6. Siapa kau untuk pertikaikan English aku?
  • Aku bukan professor bahasa yang tulis blog untuk berkongsi pasal sastera. I write whatever I want in whatever languages yang memudahkan aku untuk elaborate my stories. This is not even a serious blog yang bincang issue politics ke, economy ke yang perlu grammar and vocabulary yang perfect. Siapa kau to tell me that my English suxx when you can't even spell 'sucks' properly? Golongan ini tak perlu judge aku.
This is a free world after all where everyone have the rights to do whatever they want as long as it does not get them into trouble. Even if there will be a trouble waiting for them ahead, it still none of your business to decide what the should or should not do. You don't have to discriminate when you don't even understand. You don't have to judge when you not even perfect.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How FAKE are you?

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Some people were just born to be practically plastic. For me, its OK to be fake at certain situation just to suits the scenario. But being totally fake about almost everything in daily basis are absolutely uncool. Its critically hypocrite.

I could not imagine myself in the situation where I have to act and be someone who is just not me. But on certain situations, environment forces us to be a little fake just to please others and to respect the environment. I don't understand why. But its just nature.

I would always wanted people to know me and like me for who I am. Not as someone that they wanted me to be. Like it or not, I am quite transparent. I don't fake my laughs because I only laughs at real jokes. I don't fake my smile because I smile to those who deserves. I don't fake tears because I can only cry when the shits get too tough. I don't fake my attitude because sooner or later they will know who I really am. So what is the point of faking it?

Stop living in denial. Don't pretend. Just be yourself.