Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do Not Trust...

Mood: Disappointed
Listen to: You by The Afters

"Don't gave in so easily. You shouldn't have trusted him in the first place".
- That was an advice from a friend after all of the things had happened. It is too late, but I'll take it for the future reference. I told myself, "do not trust people so easily". But the fact is, I easily believed and took whatever people said was sincere enough. The jokes on me. I am the one yang kena tipu at the end of it. I shouldn't put all the blame on them. Some of it were because of me. It was my fault to trust. It was my fault to fall for liars. It was my fault to easily gave in so easily. And now it was my fault for being so stupid sampai kena tipu.
Karma? I don't think I've ever done this to anyone. At least not from my concern. So karma wasn't the perfect answer for this.

"He is not the one for you".
- How can I tell who is the right one for me? Tak ada apa-apa visual sign pun yang boleh detect if that person is right for me or not. Biasa la, when it comes to the excitement of getting to know people semua nampak as if that is the right person. Until we trambled and fell baru realised that you have got the wrong person. 'Teeetttt!'. If only ada buzzer on me yang boleh detect siapa betul and siapa tipu, I would spend fortune to get it done for me. Sebab I've failed so many times and keep on falling for lies people told me. I need a lie detector I guess.

I am so not in the mood right now. It have been so hard and I am getting tired. Why couldn't I just quit? Some say not until I find the right person. But the 'right person' is missing somewhere and the 'wrong person' seemed to be so right. How?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Marc Jacobs Vans

Classic Slip-On LX "Marc Jacobs Collection" (true white / limoges)
My personal favorite.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It wasn't a joke.

Mood: Annoyed

When I glanced a cynical smile, they just think I am into it.
When I talked about it, they thought that I made it all up.
When I proved them about it, they just laughed about it.
Why can't they take me seriously?

Not until I exploded.
I am so sorry.
I've warned them, but they thought it was a big time joke.
And now I am serious. Deadly serious.

What are we going to do about it?
It is kind of too late, but we still do have to deal with it.
Don't blame me if things might not working out or might go worse.
I've warned them, but they thought it was a joke.
Well, it wasn't a joke.

Now I am taking my hands off and leave it all to them to sort it out.
I have done my part and I've settled my shits out.