Monday, March 14, 2011

Life is Unfair? Really?

A person once said to me "life is unfair". Personally I think it was pretty unfair to even say that. Yes, life might not be unfair to us sometimes. When shitty things happened, or the things that we always wanted didn't go well according to what we have planned, we always put the blame on life; that was being totally unfair to us.


Looking at the logic point here, we are the creators of our own problems. We are also the one who is going to solve the problems. We are the one who should work really hard for what we want. Life doesn't remunerate you or reward you with what you dream of if you refuse to have faith in it, work and chase your ass off for it, right? We created those things that happened to us either it sucks or not. We made the decision that we choose.

So, do we really should put the blame on life?

With God's willing, we create our next move every single minute in our life. We can make life fair enough when we put our mind and efforts into it. First of all, we need to be fair to ourselves. So, really, it is not life that is unfair. It was us who made it go wrong.

Chances and options are always there for you take risk of it. It is either you dare to work with it, or you prefer to choose to blame the unfairness of life and regret it your whole life.

Perasaan Hari Ini: Complicated


Those mixture of feelings yang buat aku sangat complicated today. Perhaps one problem after another yang obviously couldn't escape from, yet there is no way to settle.

Attention (lots of it)

And those are the things I really need right about now. Oh God, help me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Miss...

Lately, aku banyak habiskan masa flipping through my old blog 'So Called Life' Too many memories. As if aku sengaja nak bringing it all back into my head. Tapi aku masih conscious. Itu semua benda dah lepas, bukan? So, mungkin aku cuma perlu refresh sedikit kenangan. Kenangan yang ada jadi punca kekuatan aku hingga sekarang.

To tell the truth, the previous blog penuh dengan depressions and emotions. It seemed that my life back then were so full of shits and dramas. Well, sekarang pun masih ada yang hanging here and there. But not as much as it was before; 2 to 3 years back then. Too much of mourning, too much of dissatisfaction, too much of this and too much of that.

Pengalaman hidup; the most valuable lesson we've learned and keep learning while walking through it. It makes you who you are right now; I believe that.

I miss being the favorite child to my parents.
I miss being the most reliable friend to my friends.
I miss being the shoulder to cry on.
I miss having a shoulder to cry on.
I miss going to IKEA with the other half and imagine living in our own home.
I miss those future plans talk.
I miss those moment we shared our dreams.
I miss being the one and only.
I miss my friends and the strong bond we used to have.
I miss being the old decent me.
I miss having things to laugh and laugh about.
I miss those days where we really need each other.
I miss sharing and caring.
I miss those sweet kisses and hugs.
I miss the 3 magic words sincerely came out from your mouth.
I miss the laughter and the tears.
I miss the cuddles and the fights.
I miss the wondering around town doing nothing.
I miss being in love with you.
I miss the passionate moments when I am with you.

I miss you, I miss us, I miss them, I miss who I used to be.

Always have, always will....