Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manusia Tak Belajar Dari Kesilapan

Manusia, tak akan pernah lari from making mistakes; that's a fact. In return, most of us akan rasa "its okay, we learned from mistakes". Tapi personally, phrase itu cuma frasa penyedap hati.

We made mistakes and we thought we are going to learn from it. Perhaps we could do better the next time and not to repeat the same mistakes again. True bila tekankan 'not to repeat the same mistakes again'. Tapi tak tahu la intentionally or unintentionally, kita akan buat other mistakes which much worse. So conclusion here, we doesn't really learn from that mistakes. In fact we will create more mistakes that is much more worse. Rebellious atau tak sengaja?

A short story example: A guy met a girl few months back and somehow decided to declare their relationship based on their feelings; that is love. Few months later the girl decided to leave for some reasons that she wanted to be a better person. The guy was disappointed but somehow he just tried to let it be if it was the best thing for her. She made her first mistake when actually she always knew that the guy was the best thing that ever happened to her and the only one who knows how to treat her at her very best. But not long after that he found out that she met another guy. But then again, she left him without giving any perfect reason. And the new guy was disappointed. Well actually, that was not the first time she left the new guy. She used to gave him hopes way back then but the same thing happened. So that's another mistake that she made. For believing her; and that was the second mistakes that the new guy made.

Clearly, in that situation the girl keep making mistakes and thought that she might learn from it. But no, she keep making more mistake yang lebih besar dan menimbulkan perasaan dendam towards certain people. As for the new guy, he had gone through it once and hoped that he won't repeat the same mistake again. And yet masih cuba percaya at the second time. But still got ditched and dumped. Which making it much worse the next time.

So assuming that we might be in this kind of situation, could you be more agree with me? I observed, I made my researched in so many examples and situations. What I found was, people just trying so hard to believe that they might learn from mistakes. For some people, they succeed. But for the most of them, they failed. They even put themselves in a much more worse conditions and situations. Jadi mana kata-kata tu pergi?

Ya, kita manusia tak boleh lari dari lakukan kesilapan. Tapi cuba buka mata, buka hati. Jangan terlalu naif dalah soal kehidupan. Sorry won't last for repeating mistakes, you know. It can only make you such an ego, stupid, heartless and self-conscious creature. Know your mistakes, avoid it from happen again. Force yourself to stop it if you have to. Jangan ikut perasaan. Soon it will burn you with all the mistakes that you made. Binasa.

Ini cuma sekadar pendapat dari self experiences and observation around me.